How to Rank Your MLM Youtube Videos Fast

by Wayne Sharer

International speaker, author, and entrepreneur. Retired navy officer, former commanding officer. Over 35 years of leading, coaching, mentoring, and speaking.

January 13, 2014

Are you in a multilevel marketing program or affiliate marketing program, and you want to do video marketing because you heard you can get so much free traffic from Youtube?

Have you tried making a video for your multilevel marketing program and found you never got ranked, not even close?

Would you like to know how, without buying any gimmick software that will stop working when Youtube updates it API again (and probably didn’t work to begin with)?

Good.  Then you will know how when you finish here. So read every word, and like this page on Facebook, and bookmark in your desktop browser.  Also send this page to your entire downline or affiliate team…

Here’s exactly what you need to do…

The rules for getting your videos ranked on page one of the search results are pretty much the same as for getting any content ranked at the top.  It must be relevant and useful for the desired keyword phrase.

There are three areas of focus for getting top Google ranking for your Youtube videos about your multilevel marketing products or your affiliate marketing products…

  1. Optimize the title
  2. Optimize the description
  3. Optimize the tags

First, you want to know the Youtube ranking difficulty.  This is the most ambiguous part because there is no tool that actually determines this.  Even tools being sold saying they determine this, don’t really know.  They are making a guess based on the developers experience.

It is always a best guess based on the volume of search for a keyword phrase, and the competition for the keyword, the number of views of existing videos, the number of comments on the existing videos, and the number of like and dislikes.

Find Your Multilevel Marketing Program Keyword Phrases

So the first thing to do is determine the keywords you want to rank for.  You can use the free Google Adwords Keyword Planner to get a list of relevant keywords for your multilevel marketing opportunity.

For instance, I love 7 Minute Workout.  It is an amazing workout, diet and fitness program I would never do without.  It is not really a multilevel marketing program.  It is a leveraged affiliate marketing program.  Nonetheless, the process is the same.

So I go to the Google Adwords Keyword Planner (actually, I prefer to use a tool called Market Samurai because it is more flexible – and it is free).  Find the keyword phrases you think are relevant.

Part two of step one is to go to Youtube and now do a search in Youtube for the keyword phrases you choose.

Do your search with your keyword phrase in quotation marks.  You’ll want to note the top ten videos for the search result. Note the following:

  1. How many have your exact keyword phrase?
  2. Of the top 10 with your exact keyword phrase, how many views do they have?
  3. How many comments do they have?
  4. How many have ratings (likes and dislikes)?

The more of each of these 4 items above there are, the more difficult it is going to be to get ranked.  The ideal world would be the keyword phrase you choose has less than 100,000 views total for the top 10 videos, with few comments, few likes and dislikes.

Optimize Your Youtube Video Title

It is always best on Youtube to include your keyword phrase in your title, and make your title as descriptive as possible.  If you can, use direct marketing subject line techniques to make the title compelling as well.

Remember, the most important part for ranking your multilevel marketing Youtube video is the keyword phrase in the title.

Select and Optimize Your Youtube Tags

Now add tags.  You can find what your competition is using for tags by using this Youtube tag finder.   You will need the complete video URL as described on the page, so just follow the instructions at the tag finder.  It’s free.

Find copy these and use only the ones relevant to your video.  Don’t try to use tags that have nothing to do with your video.  There is no advantage to this since it will only attract interest of people who really don’t want to see your video, and will leave as fast as they arrive once they see you duped them.

Be sure to include your keyword phrase in your tags.  You can have as many as 500 tags.

Create an Optimized Video Description

Your Youtube video description should start with the URL you want your visitor to click.  Yes, it can be to your Facebook page.

Next it should be as long as possible.  Youtube does not publish a maximum length, but from reading around the web, it appears you can use up to about 4,800 characters, or 900 words, or 145 lines.  This is a rough estimate.

How short is too short?  Again, nothing specific here, but the longer, and more relevant, the better.  Don’t just write gibberish as this will likely penalize you, not help you.

Ensure you include your keyword phrase in the description text several times.  How many times?  As many a make sense and sounds good when a reader reads the text.

Also, be sure to ask your viewer to subscribe to your video in your description.

Then upload your video with a file name that includes your keyword phrase

Secret Tip

Having just one video is never enough.  If you are a serious video marketer, you need a channel with many related videos.  So don’t expect if you are putting up your first video ever, and you do this, that you will necessarily be ranked.

The more related videos you have on your channel, the higher the probability of you achieving the higher ranks.  There is not a magic number.

Another factor no one controls but you is your video quality.  If people start your video and leave very quickly (yes Youtube can measure this), then it is not likely your video will be ranked.  It’s not impossible, but this depends on the competition, too.

Finally, the loophole chasers and the magic pill software makers tell you that you do these things and you get massive traffic.  The bottom line is your traffic volume depends on this…

  1. You getting to first page rankings in the search results
  2. The volume of searches for your keywords
  3. The overall quality
  4. The relevance of your video to your viewer

Videos can still achieve top ranking faster than other content.  Follow these guidelines and your odds of being in the top are dramatically better than those who are stabbing in the dark.

Bonus Step

Get your video syndicated on as many relevant websites as possible and get as many likes and Google +s as you can, and your video will soar to the top.

Do you have other suggestions?  Let us all know in the comments.

Be sure to go here now and get your free copy of Market Samurai.  Don’t miss this.



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