“Leaders must be the examples and not the ones full of excuses.  Anxiety and fear are just excuses.”

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Books By Wayne Sharer

The Art and Science of Success Volume 2
Protege Profits cover
American Insanity: The Genocide of Reality cover
RepFluence Marketing: The Ultimate Small Business Owner’s Market Domination Guide Leveraging Your Online Reputation for Clients and Sales

My Story


Wayne Sharer is lifelong strategic thinker and leader in digital marketing. The rare few who have spent over 20 years flying from aircraft carriers know the true value of strategy in the success of everything.

After retiring from the U.S. Navy with over 200 combat missions, he set out to help small business owners and CEOs to dominate in the market with digital methods, and speak and write for impact. Ultimately, he focused his strategies on reputation marketing to get the biggest ROI for owners fast. He’s helped business owners, direct marketers, and non-profits prosper. All this despite debilitating anxiety known to stop most from ever succeeding as leaders. He’s proof of what’s possible.

books by wayne sharer

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Wayne Sharer
Author, Speaker, Digital Marketing Expert

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